The Perfect Proposal

When you find the right person, REEDS will help you find the right engagement ring. It's important to pick an engagement ring that represents your love for your partner and the perfect proposal is more than just a question, it is a life changing moment! Ready to say those four little words? Continue reading to make your proposal extra special!

The Perfect Proposal - Infographic

Plan a Perfect Proposal

A proposal is one of life’s most important, magical, and nerve-wracking moments. With so many expectations on a single question, it’s easy to feel pressure to make it absolutely perfect. But perfect doesn’t look the same for everyone. The best proposal is the kind that is personal, with every detail planned to make them feel like the most special person in the world. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for planning the perfect proposal, don’t worry! We’re here to help.

Pick an Engagement Ring They'll Love

The first and most important detail of a proposal is the engagement ring. More than a beautiful piece of jewelry they will wear every day for the rest of their life, the ring is a memento of this special moment between the two of you.

The most common choice is the diamond engagement ring, but that doesn’t mean the diamond engagement ring you pick will look just like everyone else’s. We offer a variety of settings, bands, and diamond shapes so you can select an engagement ring that reflects their personal style. Before you browse, think about the kinds of clothes they often wear. Consider their current jewelry collection. Do they have a lot of gold in their jewelry or would they like platinum more? Does yellow gold look best on their hand or does rose gold, white gold, or white gold, which is silver in color, really pop on their finger?

It’s also important to consider their hand. A diamond engagement ring with a large stone might be the fantasy, but it’s not always the perfect choice for them. If the love of your life tends to use their hands frequently, they might be better suited with a smaller, lower set diamond that won’t hit things throughout the day. If they have short, slim fingers, a big stone might overpower their hand and look out of place.

We don’t mention these details to overwhelm you, but instead, to help you find the perfect ring. We’ll talk you through all the details to make sure that you find a ring with the right amount of sparkle.

Beyond a Diamond Engagement Ring

When you start to consider all the options for an engagement ring, you might discover that you don’t want a diamond ring at all. Maybe you’d like to give your soulmate something a little more unique. We’d love to help you find something!

Our selection includes a variety of exquisite gemstone engagement rings. Choose a gemstone that represents the month you two started your relationship. Or let us help you find an engagement ring that has gemstones that represent your children’s birthdate to incorporate the whole family. You can even make your engagement ring more unique by incorporating the symbolism of various gemstones based on their color. For instance, shades of blue, such as sapphire, inspire trust, honesty, stability, tranquility, and emotional healing, while tones of red, think rubies or garnets, embody energy, strength, passion, prosperity, originality, and visual thinking. Green gemstones, such as emerald, are known for promoting warmth, harmony, balance, renewal, and spiritual enlightenment. The iridescent colors found in opal symbolize purity, hope, and protection from harm, while similar tones found in pearls represent style, elegance, confidence, and femininity.

There are endless options for making an engagement ring sentimental and stunning. Or, you can ditch the stone altogether! Take a look at our matching wedding ring sets and simple bands. There is a beautiful engagement ring no matter which direction you choose. Just be sure to think about what your partner would love and what you need to make the moment special.

Plan for The Day You Pop the Question

With the right ring in your pocket, it’s now time to plan for the right setting. This is the best part because you can make it a completely personalized experience for you and the love of your life. The first major decision is whether they want a big, exciting gesture or a small, intimate moment. Both have their pros and cons, but the only opinion that matters is your partner’s. If you aren’t clear on what they’ve been dreaming of, ask around. They’ve probably talked to their friends and family about a dream proposal. Their loved ones will be more than happy to fill you in and help you plan.

The best advice we can offer, after watching millions of couples get engaged and married is to have fun with it. Planning an entire day down to the smallest detail is almost impossible. Traffic will be unpredictable, the weather might change, and life will happen. Remember that those details won’t matter when you’re looking in your partner’s eyes the moment they say yes to forever with you.

Speaking of the moment they say yes, consider whether you want family and friends with you to celebrate afterward. If you two are especially close to your family members, it might be nice to include them in your special moment as a couple. Of course, there will be engagement parties and bridal showers where you can tell the story over and over, but there is nothing like watching it as it happens. Plus, the more people that are involved, the easier it will be for you to think of every single detail!

Save More Memories Than the Engagement Ring

The final detail for a perfect proposal is how you’ll capture the memory. For some people, that means just being in the moment, soaking up everything for yourself. But, more and more, people want photos and videos to share with their loved ones. Try to find out what your partner would want from this moment.

If you think they might want photos, that doesn’t mean that you must hire a full team of professionals. Hand your camera over to your future mother-in-law (if she’s invited) and have her snap a few candids. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it should just be thoughtful so that your future spouse knows how much you care about them.

You can also commemorate the proposal in a different way if photos and videos aren’t your thing. Write your future fiancé a letter describing how you feel in the days leading up to your proposal. Tell them about your hopes and dreams for the two of you as a couple. Ask them to fill out a page in your journal once you’ve popped the question. It can become an activity you do together for years to come.

Remember that there is no wrong way to propose. This is the love story that the two of you are creating together. No matter which engagement ring you choose or location you find, it will be perfect if you chose every detail with the love of your life in mind. If you’re ready to start your journey and select the perfect engagement ring, just ask us. We’ll help you browse options until you find the one for you.