Watch Service Center

Protect your investment. A well made watch is the pinnacle of engineering, a symbol of precision and accuracy. A mechanical watch can have more that 200 individual parts and should last for generations.

Let us help you preserve your investment for years to come.

Our watch service center offers quick turnaround, competitive pricing and uses manufacturer's original parts where available.

After your timepiece has been serviced, it is rigorously tested to ensure that it is in complete working order.

Visit REEDS Jewelers today and let us check your mechanical, automatic, or quartz watch for any necessary repairs.

As your timepiece ages scratches appear, seals being to crack, batteries weaken and lubrication breaks down.

REEDS Jewelers' state-of-the-art watch service facility is one of the largest in the country. Our team of highly trained, certified Swiss watch makers have over 150 years combined experience in watch refurbishing and repair.

Trust REEDS Jewelers to bring your timepiece back to life, to be enjoyed for generations to come...