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Watch Basics

Looking for a new watch? REEDS Jewelers has a wide selection of all types of watches from sporty to dress watches. Whether you want to wear it to work, on occasions when you are going out or while playing sports, we have a wide selection of watches to meet your needs. How do you know which watch is best for you? The first step in finding the right timepiece for you is understanding a few watch basics.


The first area to consider is the watch type. Here are the most commonly offered watch types and more information about each type.

Analog and Digital Watches

An analog watch is the traditional type of watch with hour and minute hands and numbers or markers that show the twelve hour day. It is considered to be a formal watch and is perfect for work wear, dates and any kind of formal occasion. Digital watches, on the other hand, have a LCD or LED face that displays the time in numerals and are generally more casual compared to the formal analog watches. Digital watches run using a special watch battery.

Sports Watches

Sports watches are designed to be very durable due to their tendency to be exposed to harsher environments. They are usually made of high quality plastic and are generally water resistant to a high degree. Due to the plastic being such high quality, many of these watches are scratch resistant as well. Sports watches also tend to have many additional features like altimeters and compasses. High water resistant watches are perfect for swimmers and scuba divers.

Quartz Watches

Most watches you see today are of this variety and are powered by a battery. The easiest way to tell if a watch is quartz is in the second hand Quartz watches are a type of analog watch and are powered by a vibrating, electrified quartz crystal.

Mechanical Watches

The most popular type of mechanical watch are automatics. Watches which are automatic have a fully mechanical movement that consists of hundreds of gears and springs. The word "automatic" here means that a metal rotor rotates around the movement, winding the watch. The rotor will move when the watch is in motion. Meaning, the watch will run off of the various motions or your wrist, as you go about your day. The easiest way to check for a mechanical movement is again in the second hand, which should move at least a few times a second. "Automatic" is also called "self-winding". Hand-wound watches are rarer, but also exist.


The other element of finding the right watch is to understand the different types of wear. To understand this element of watch basics, let’s take a look at each category more in-depth.

Casual Wear

A casual wear watch is designed to be an everyday accessory. It has a focus on practically over flash, but can still be quite stylish in appearance, depending on the option chosen. This type of watch tends to be made of durable materials and feature fewer embellishments or details. The world of timepieces continues to evolve so there are many styles and options available for this much-needed accessory.

Athletic Wear

An athletic wear watch has a higher focus placed on function and durability than casual wear watches. The bands will be made of materials designed to handle sweat, heat, and water without showing signs of wear and tear, such as rubber or silicone. Leathers and most types of metals are not a suitable band choice for this type of watch. This type of watch will also feature improved technology with features such as GPS tracking, weather alert capabilities, and improved water resistance because they are designed for wear during rough and rugged situations.

Dress Wear

A dress wear watch will most likely have a higher focus on beauty and appearance than keeping up with the latest technology or ensuring durability. This type of watch tends to be of a higher value and it shows with rich embellishments and details such as diamond encrusted bezels or faces, fine leather or precious metal bands, and a level of artistry and attention not commonly found in casual wear or athletic watches.

Finding the right accessory can take time and diligence. When choosing a watch for your collection, focusing on watch type and wear style will help you narrow down the expansive array of options.