Ring Size Guide

Manufactured rings are cast to industry standard sizes. Size is unisex and is number based, running in whole as well as half sizes. The "standard" size for women is size 7; for men, size 10. REEDS is typically able to provide sizes 5 (depending on the manufacturer) through size 9 for women and sizes 8 through 12 for men, including half sizes. Available sizes for a specific ring are listed on the ring's product page.

Determining Ring Size

Finding the right ring size is not necessarily as simple as taking a measurement. Lifestyle and time of life can both have an impact on finger size. Such diverse things as warm weather conditions, athletic workouts, and pregnancy can cause fingers to puff up. Older men and women often find that their knuckles tend to swell as the years go by. For men, wider bands and rings tend to run smaller. Taking these factors into consideration, some buyers may elect to order rings that are a half size larger to insure a proper fit.

There are multiple ways to measure ring size. The most accurate method is to visit your nearest REEDS store where our trained associates can quickly measure your finger to determine ring size. If the wearer cannot be present, our associates may also assess the size of a ring you bring in using a jeweler's mandrel, a measured, tapered cylinder used to size rings.

For those unable to visit a REEDS store, we've provided these unisex REEDS ring sizing tools below.

Ring Finger Measurer REEDS ring Finger Measurer

REEDS Ring Finger Measurer is used to measure the wearer's finger size. The wearer must be present for the measurement to be taken. Click on and print out REEDS Ring Finger Measurer.** Cut along the dotted lines. Wrap the tool around the base of the finger on which the ring will be worn. The number the arrow points to is the proper ring size.

**NOTE: To view REEDS Ring Measurer, Adobe Acrobat reader must be installed on your computer. If you do not have this program, go to Adobe's website and follow the instructions for your computer, platform and language for a free, safe installation. Before printing, set print options at 100% normal size, with no Shrinking or Expanding to fit the page. Since screen resolution and printer settings vary for every user, these measurements are only approximate.

Sizing Rings without the Wearer Being Present

Sometimes, when a ring is a gift, the buyer wants the ring to be a surprise. In this instance, the wearer is not available to have his or her finger measured. To obtain a ring measurement, simply borrow one of the wearer's rings that is worn often, preferable a plain band. There are two methods of taking a measurement at home. The first is a variation of the Ring Finger Measurer method described above. Take the borrowed ring and slip it over a raw carrot and gently push the ring down as far as it will go. The carrot acts as a substitute for the wearer's finger. Don't force the ring down. Mark the spot on the carrot where the ring ends up, then, wrap the REEDS Ring Finger Measurer around the carrot above the marked spot to obtain an approximate ring size.

The second method of finding ring size without the wearer being present utilizes the REEDS Ring and Band Sizer ™.

Ring Sizes

REEDS Ring and Band Sizer ™ Use this when the eventual wearer of the ring is not available in person to measure his/her finger.

To use this measuring tool, print out the REEDS Ring and Band Sizer™ and lay the ring on the sheet of paper on a flat surface. Do not attempt to match size based on the image on your computer screen. Place the borrowed ring on top of the circles in REEDS Ring and Band Sizer™ guide. Align the INSIDE diameter of the ring with the OUTSIDE of the circle closest in size. If the ring is between circle sizes, choose the next half size up. The measurement obtained utilizing this tool is an approximate ring size. Be aware that extra wide band styles tend to run slightly small. If your borrowed ring has a narrower shaft than the one you wish to purchase, you may wish to order a ring in a larger size. In addition, rings with large stones may cause the shank to lift up when laid on the paper, slightly distorting the size measurements. Plain bands create the most accurate measurements.

Selecting Ring Size on REEDS.com

REEDS.com allows the buyer to select ring size on either the ring product detail page (Step 2) or in the options box appearing next to the ring in the shopping cart.

Ordering Non-standard Sized Rings

Rings may come in non-standard sizes depending upon the physical design and the manufacturer. However, a specific ring may not be available in the size you need on our website. Custom sizing may be necessary. To see what option is correct for you, contact REEDS or visit your local REEDS store location and specify your special requirements in regards to size and style. We'll check with the manufacturer and/or expert jewelers regarding not only the availability, but the feasibility of customizing a particular ring in the desired size. If the ring can be customized, we'll provide you with a quote and timeframe for completion. Please note that custom orders take time, not only to obtain quotes, but for the customized construction. Custom rings cost more than their standard equivalents not only due to the custom work required but also for any additional materials needed, such as extra metal or gemstones. Other factors affecting costs include restructuring the original design to allow for the size adjustments.

Ring Resizing

Resizing is only an option with specific rings. Some rings and bands cannot be resized due to their unique metal composition. Bands in very hard metals like titanium must be cast by the manufacturer and cannot be altered. Platinum bands are only sizeable to a few sizes above or below the original casting size. Certain types of ring designs such as eternity bands are generally manufactured only in the standard sizes in order to maintain the ring's strength and design integrity. Rings with gemstones along the shank or intricate carving cannot be resized without adversely affecting the inherent design.

If the ring you want is not available in the size you need, REEDS is happy to adjust the size when possible. The resizing process usually takes 3-5 business days*, unless otherwise stated in the drop down menu on the product page. The fee for this service** is $25.00, or $39.99 if the item is Platinum. If the desired size is not listed in the pull down menu, please contact us for size availability and pricing.

If a ring needs to be resized in the future, contact us or bring the ring to the nearest REEDS store location. If a Jewelry Service Plan (JSP) was purchased at the time of the original ring purchase, resizing may be free if the resizing occurs within the time constraints set out in the JSP. If a Jewelry Service Plan was not purchased or the time defined in the plan has expired, there may be an additional charge for resizing.

*Some special orders may require extra time for resizing. Custom casting of special size titanium bands, for example, can run up to 10 to 12 weeks. If a ring is needed by a certain date, it's a good idea to check with us prior to ordering. We'll confer with the manufacturer to obtain a better estimated delivery date.

**The prices listed are for services rendered at the time of the purchase of the ring. For services that are completed after the time of purchase or on items not purchased at REEDS, prices may vary.

How a Ring is Sized