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Here's how a REEDS Care Plan keeps you covered. Roll over for more details. Terms & Conditions.

Yes, It's All Covered. (Yes, even that.)

Inconvenient Inspections? Nope.

Wear & Tear, As Defined By You.

Free Resizing*

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First—so sorry you went through this experience (we imagine there was a good amount of crawling around on your hands and knees and probably some tears...) But good news: Yes, our lifetime care plan includes a one-time replacement. We'll have it set and sparkling again for you in no time.

Congrats! Not only are you having a sweet bundle of joy, but you get unlimited free ring resizings under your lifetime care plan. Don't forget, we can also alter the length of chains or earring back posts if you want—those are covered too.

Coverage is extensive and so much better than the industry average—we should really get a coffee and talk about this. Or you can just check out the details of each plan right here: Jewelry Care Plans We're pretty confident it's everything you're looking for.

Just grab your receipt, it'll be printed there.

You'll need your order and service contract number to use your care plan, and we print that on the receipt. But our store associates are pretty good sleuths, so get in touch with your local REEDS and we'll probably be able to help.

Nope. Who has time for that? We don't even have enough time for yoga class most weeks. Can we say this one more time—we're the only jeweler out there who's not requiring inconvenient regular inspections to cover your repairs and damage.

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• Proof of purchase

• Your care plan brochure

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