Diamond Grading Reports

Buying diamonds can be intimidating. Diamonds can be one of the most significant purchases a person may make and if you're not a jewelry expert, there is a natural wariness that questions whether the stone you are about to purchase is what the jeweler proports it to be. We're all aware that the purpose of a jewelry store is to sell jewelry. The store's reputation plays a vital role in creating our trust that the jeweler is being forthcoming about a particular diamond. But, as most of us are not jewelry experts, how do we know for sure that the jeweler is being honest or even if the jeweler is expert enough to have a reliable opinion? Simply put, you don't. That's why a Diamond Grading Report is not only recommended but in many cases, necessary.

Diamonds with Grading Reports are diamonds that have been evaluated and graded by independent, third party experts. There are several premier gemological laboratories providing worldwide jewelers and consumers with independent diamond grading reports, including the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Gemological Science International (GSI), the International Gemological Institute (IGI), the American Gem Society (AGS), and Forevermark Diamond Institute (FDI). These are currently the only laboratories that REEDS Jewelers utilizes. These laboratories are highly respected and produce thorough and unbiased grading reports for submitted diamonds. Trained experts evaluate the 4 C's (and other diamond characteristics) utilizing microscopes, precision scales, and other industry tools along with a precise list of industry standards to grade diamonds. A finished Diamond Grading Report provides a plotted diagram pinpointing the diamond’s unique characteristics, such as inclusions. The Grading Report provides the buyer with the assurance that the diamond was independently evaluated by an unbiased professional.

One other advantage to having a Diamond Grading Report is that due to the precise description, diamonds can be uniquely identified. Diamond Grading Reports are almost like a fingerprint identification because the mapping outlines the properties of a particular diamond. In the event the diamond is lost or stolen, the buyer has proof of ownership if the diamond is ever recovered. The GIA can place a unique laser inscription registry number on an evaluated diamond's girdle area. This not only assures the buyer that the stone being purchased matches the one in the evaluation, but provides clear proof of ownership as the number is permanently registered with GIA.

REEDS believes being informed is a good idea. Therefore, we are proud to offer several products with Diamond Grading Reports in our stores and on our website. There are several premier organizations, including GIA, that provide Diamond Grading Reports for our stores. Reports provided by individual labs may vary.