Regular prices are offering prices and may not have resulted in sales. Immediate markdowns may have been taken. Reductions may have been taken from tagged prices. Sales prices not valid in conjunction with any other discount, promotion or offer. Limited quantities available. Selection varies per store, and some styles may not be available in all stores. “ct” (carat) and “ctw” (carat total weight) refers to approximate carat total weight. “tgwt” refers to approximate total gem weight. Diamond weights are not exact and refer to both solitaire and multiple stone diamond jewelry. 1/20ctw=0.04-0.08ctw; 1/15ctw=0.06-0.10ctw; 1/10ctw=0.08-0.13ctw; 1/8ctw=0.10-0.16ctw; 1/6ctw=0.13-0.20ctw; 1/5ctw=0.17-0.23ctw; 1/4ctw=0.22-0.28ctw; 1/3ctw=0.29-0.38ctw; 3/8ctw=0.34-0.44ctw; 1/2ctw=0.45-0.58ctw; 5/8ctw=0.57-0.69ctw; 3/4ctw=0.68-0.82ctw; 7/8ctw=0.80-0.95ctw; 1ctw=0.95-1.12ctw; 1-1/8ctw=1.08-1.20ctw; 1-1/4ctw=1.17-1.32ctw; 1-1/3ctw=1.28-1.39ctw; 1-3/8ctw=1.32-1.45ctw; 1-1/2ctw=1.41-1.59ctw; 1-5/8ctw=1.57-1.69ctw; 1-3/4ctw=1.65-1.83ctw; 1-7/8ctw=1.79-1.95ctw; 2ctw=1.92-2.13ctw; same pattern for all larger diamond weights. In 14k unless otherwise noted. Natural gemstones may have been color and/or clarity treated or enhanced by: heating (generally); oil/wax/resin (opals, emeralds, tourmaline, turquoise, peridot); diffusion (sapphire, rubies, topaz); fissure-filled with a glass-like by-product (rubies, sapphires); irradiation (diamonds, topaz, tourmaline, quartz, morganite); or dyed (onyx). Pearls may have been dyed and/or bleached. Treatments may not be permanent and/or may require special care. Exposing gemstones to extreme heat, excessive light, chemicals and ultrasonic, steam or abrasive cleaning should be avoided. Most gemstones require special care in jewelry repair and/or cleaning. Gemstones should only be gently cleaned by rinsing in warm water and drying with a soft cloth. Rhodium is a precious metal from the platinum family. Rhodium plating, while most commonly found on white gold jewelry, may also be applied on sterling silver, to prevent tarnishing, and other materials. The jewelry is rhodium plated with a surface coating that guards against scratches, provides a reflective white appearance, and makes the jewelry hypoallergenic since it is nickel-free. Because it is a surface plating, it will wear off over time, and different factors can affect how long rhodium plating lasts before it needs to be re-applied. Merchandise enlarged to show detail and may not be exactly as pictured. Should any pricing or copy errors occur, we reserve the right to correct.