True Italy

May is Gold Month

From Italy with Love

A city-by-city tour of the True Italy Gold Collection

You’d be hard pressed to find a country that’s more passionate about art, romance, and style as deeply as Italy is. Italians are also equally as passionate about quality and craftsmanship, honing skills that have often been passed down generation to generation for centuries. It’s why REEDS landed on a carefully selected handful of Italian artisans for our new collection, True Italy.


To celebrate the collection (which features only Italian gold made by some of the most masterful hands in the world) we’re taking you on a whirlwind tour of Italy’s most famed places. You’ll find that the essence of Italy is reflected in each and every piece.

When In Rome

Luxe, classic, edgy, contrastingLuxe, classic, edgy, contrasting


Luxe, classic, edgy, contrasting

Awash in history, the experience is one of contrasts—exquisite, priceless art on one street, colorful, sprawling graffiti on the next. Here you’ll find ancient ruins set against bustling traffic and life lived alfresco. Elaborate piazzas and fountains put over the top elegance on display wherever you stroll. It’s a social city and one that doesn’t shy from a show of opulence.



That Modern Milan Vibe


Fashion forward, cool, modern

Italy’s cosmopolitan fashion capital is the spot to be seen wearing your best while sipping a macchiato at an outdoor cafe or socializing and celebrity spotting. This modern, elegant, urban metropolis is all about extravagance and enjoying the finer things. While there are plenty of centuries-old sites to explore, Italy’s fashion capital is taking a turn toward modern and cosmopolitan with shimmering skyscrapers and an urban appeal that some claim should be a blueprint for the cities of the future. Keep in the same forward-thinking fashion with pieces that are sleek and adaptable to any ensemble.



Fashion forward, cool, modernFashion forward, cool, modern

Channeling Venice Originality

Unique, expressive, design mindedUnique, expressive, design minded


Unique, expressive, design minded

Whichever words you use to describe this city, you’d do well to add a few exclamation marks after them. Epic here is an understatement, with sprawling marble palaces built on meandering, romantic waterways. Everything about this city defies sameness, including its famous reputation for irreverent fashion and unique, creative personal expression. Venice is all about originality and doing you.



All The Florence Feels


Timeless, florid, romantic

Think of Florence and the first thing that comes to mind is art and the heart of the Renaissance. This city is bound to enchant you with its fairytale feel, cobblestone streets, and artistic masterpieces at every turn. Walk its backstreets and you’ll find a mix of modern, haute couture boutiques nestled among generations of family goldsmiths and artisans. Romantic, magnificently medieval, and rich in culture, if you’re looking for La Dolce Vita—here it is.



Timeless, florid, romanticTimeless, florid, romantic

Understated In Amalfi

Lighthearted, breezy, effortlessLighthearted, breezy, effortless


Lighthearted, breezy, effortless

All the pleasures seem to collide in Amalfi. This is where you come to soak up sunshine and enjoy the sensual beauties of life. Picture terraced vineyards and coastal Italian architecture that spills down the craggy cliffs to the shimmering sea. It’s full of charm and breathtaking beauty, a place that invites you to enjoy the abundance of indulgences that life offers—stunning natural surroundings, the sun on your skin, fine wines and foods in your cup and on your plate.




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