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Step 1:
Order Online

Select your local store and browse items to see what's available for pick up at your nearby location; an icon and message under the product's description will confirm
its availability.

Add the item to your cart and select the pickup in-store option at checkout.

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Step 2:
Check Your Email

Please wait until you receive your Ready for Pickup email before you head to the store.

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Step 3:
Pick Up Your Order

An associate will assist you when you arrive to the store to pickup your order.


  • Q: I need a last-minute gift. Can I buy online and pick my purchase up in-store?
  • A: Yes! Many items on our website are available to pick up at your local REEDS after making your purchase online. Items that are in-stock at your store will have a clickable icon and message confirming their availability.


  • Q: One item in my cart is available for in-store pickup, but I'm not getting the option when I'm checking out. Can I still pick up this item at my local REEDS?
  • A: All items in your cart must be available at the selected store to utilize the in-store pickup option at checkout. If one or more of the items in your cart is not available at the store location elected, you will need to purchase them separately. Please contact customer care if you have questions or need help placing your order.


  • Q: How will I know that my purchase is ready for pickup?
  • A: We will send you emails throughout your order's processing and preparation, and you'll receive an email notification when your order is ready for pickup.