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REEDS Signature DiamondREEDS Signature Diamond

The REEDS Signature Story

Traceable from its origins under the depths of the Canadian tundra, your REEDS Signature Diamond waited over a billion years to become a part of your love store for a lifetime.

When you choose a REEDS Signature diamond, you select a diamond that is traceable throughout its journey; just as your journey is unique to you, so is your diamond's path. Each Signature diamond is assigned a tracking number, allowing you and your partner the ability to see how your diamond's journey started deep in the Canadian tundra and continues in your hands. This melding of your diamond's story with the story of you and your beloved are writing together makes a REEDS Signature diamond a special selection.

Eco-Conscious and Responsibly Sourced

REEDS knows that a part of helping build families is leaving their children with a beautiful Earth to inherit. In addition to their exceptional quality, we can confidently say a REEDS Signature diamond is sustainably mined and sourced according to stringent environment rules. The REEDS Signature diamond was birthed out of a sense of responsibility and care for the communities and ecosystems that may be affected by diamond mining. Environment Management Systems establish detailed site-specific plans after consulting the local communities to protect the air, land, and water during the use of the mine.

Protecting People and Place
The Canadian mines from which REEDS Signature diamonds originate operate sustainably by conserving natural resources, reducing their carbon footprint, protecting the environment, and preserving biodiversity. Priority is always given to each mine's surrounding community with regards to the usage of local resources like electricity and water, and, where possible, renewable energy is utilized. The mines regularly reduce their carbon footprint through carbon offset programs or creative solutions like composting.
Returning Sites to Resplendence
After their closures, Reclamation Projects ensure the mines are returned to their pristine original condition and that there is no long-term negative environmental impact, which includes arranging rocks and planting local vegetation and re-establish the ecosystem. Wildlife always has the right of way and a biodiversity plan is set in place to ensure that the local flora and fauna are unaffected during and after a mine’s operations.
REEDS Signature Diamond REEDS Signature Diamond

Post-closure monitoring also keeps a close eye on air quality and emissions, site stability, and the surveillance of aquatic effects to confirm the mine has no long-term negative impacts on the environment. Along with our mining and manufacturing collaborators, we're committed to keeping these sites beautiful and preserved for generations of families to come.

Carefully Inspected

A REEDS Signature diamond is one in which you can put your full confidence and trust. Each diamond is GIA certified, meaning that it is independently evaluated against rigorous processes by expert gemologists to ensure its quality. The GIA was established in 1931 and is the world’s leading source of education, knowledge, and standards in precious stone; they are the foremost authority in diamond grading. Your REEDS Signature diamond has been carefully inspected by these GIA experts to prove its quality superior.


Track Your Signature Diamond

By entering your Signature diamond’s unique tracking number, you can discover the fascinating particulars of its long-awaited journey to you. You’ll learn from which mine your diamond originated, and what actions were taken to conserve the mine-site’s surrounding nature. Then, you’ll find out where and when your diamond was cut and polished, and its grading specifics from its evaluation at the GIA laboratory.

Discover all the details that make your Signature diamond beautiful before it became a part of your love story.

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REEDS Signature DiamondREEDS Signature Diamond