REEDS Jewelers is proud to be an authorized retailer of Lightbox Jewelry, a fashion jewelry company that makes lab grown diamonds. More and more customers are choosing lab grown diamonds to add extra sparkle to their jewelry boxes, especially from Lightbox. It’s a great way to add fresh jewelry to your collection at an accessible price.

Lightbox specializes in making beautiful lab grown colored diamonds that are then perfectly placed in necklaces, fashion rings, earrings, and more. Learn more about Lightbox Jewelry, how they make their diamonds, and why you need to add a colored lab grown diamond to your collection.

Lab grown diamonds are diamonds that have the same physical, optical, and chemical properties as natural diamonds. The only difference is how they’re formed.

Instead of forming in the Earth’s core over billions of years, lab created diamonds can be generated using a very large mechanical press that creates conditions of extreme pressure and high temperature. The extreme heat and pressure mimic the natural conditions needed to transform graphite into diamond. 

Another way to create lab grown diamonds is to place a sliver of a seed diamond in a plasma reactor, where a combination of heat and gases grows the diamond crystals, layer by layer. After about 400 hours, the diamond is big enough to cut into a polished stone. To create a larger lab grown diamond, chemists can run the process for longer.

Lightbox takes lab grown diamonds to a new level, adding gases and treatments at the end of the diamond growing process to yield lab created colored diamonds. Blue and pink lab diamonds are placed in tasteful, trendy settings like pendant necklaces, halo necklaces, fashion rings, and stud earrings, just to name a few.


Lightbox’s stunning lab grown blue diamonds and lab grown pink diamonds turn any jewelry their featured on into a true statement piece.  Lightbox’s beautiful lab grown colored diamond pieces take accessorizing to a whole new level!


Modern-day customers are choosing lab grown diamonds, especially those created by Lightbox. The quality of their lab created colored diamonds prove Lightbox’s dedication to staying on the cutting edge of fashion, jewelry, and technology.


With Lightbox, you know exactly what you’re getting, how much it will cost, and how it was made. Each diamond goes through a rigorous quality control process before it is made into a piece of jewelry so you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality gemstone at an accessible price point.

Lab-grown diamonds are chemically and physically identical to natural diamonds, and are just as hard. Diamonds that were found in nature take billions of years to form, while lab-grown diamonds can be formed in just a few weeks. Watch the video below to see how Lightbox lab-grown diamonds are created.

Lightbox lab grown colored diamonds make the perfect gift for a special moment, such as a birthday, graduation, Mother’s Day, or anniversary.


For example, if you’re celebrating a graduation and the school colors include blue, consider gifting a piece of jewelry with a lab created blue diamond you won’t find anywhere else. A lab grown pink diamond piece would make the perfect gift for a new mother who just welcomed a baby girl into the world.


We know you love diamonds (what’s not to love?), so experience the joy of diamonds in a whole new way with Lightbox’s accessible collection. Whether you’re treating yourself or giving a gift to someone you love, make the gesture more personal with a colored lab grown blue or pink diamond.


The world of diamond buying is changing. People are looking for not only a beautiful diamond, but a beautiful diamond that’s affordable, unique and shows off their personal sense of style. You get all that and more with our collection of Lightbox lab grown colored diamonds

What are lab grown diamonds known asWhat are lab grown diamonds known as


Different sources use different names to refer to lab-grown diamonds. For example, you might see lab-created diamonds, synthetic diamonds and even man-made diamonds. If you see a stone with any of these names, just know you're likely getting a diamond that's been grown in a lab.

At Lightbox, our lab-grown diamonds are made the same, every time. So we can price them the same, every time. They start at $800 per carat and go up or down based on size.



*MSRP. All prices exclude cost of setting, which is required to purchase.