Create the Perfect Stack

Fun and eco-friendly, ALEX AND ANI bangles are expressive and unique. These stackable bracelets allow you to layer yourself in individuality and embrace your deepest passions. When worn together, Alex and Ani bangles and wraps are sure to make a statement. The art of creating a stackable look that is cohesive and also expressive is easier than you think!

Making the Most of Your Metal

The metal of your bracelet stack can have a huge impact on its look! Stacked bracelets in the same metal type will give a more uniform appearance, while mixed metals allows for a more vibrant look. A hint of silver in a gold stack can add balance and an unexpected glimmer to your outfit. If you're interested in a cleaner look, just concentrate on one color. The different materials of leather and the finishes of shiny vs Rafaelian can also add depth and texture.

Create Color

With a wide variety of shades and hues, your bangles can be a colorful as you’d like. Choose your favorite complimentary colors that match your outfit or incorporate different hues to create a more radical style. Cool blues and greens are perfect for summer outfits, while icy white and greys are always a lovely compliment for winter weather. Incorporating different colors will brighten your set and create an extra layer of styling to your outfit.

Embrace Your Special Style

Utilizing a combination of beaded and vertically hanging charms will create an interesting mix of lengths for your stack. Alternate wide bangles and bold leather wraps to create an edgy look that will definitely be eye-catching. Each ALEX AND ANI bangle has a special meaning and including your favorite selections will be a daily reminder of what is important to you. Purposefully stack them together to create your own encouraging messages. As long as you are expressing yourself, there is no wrong way!