About REEDS Watch Care Plan


Get three years of quality watch repairs. The care plan provides coverage for repairs to virtually every part of your watch, including:

• Annual cosmetic refurbishment (replating and polishing)

• Mechanical and structural failure due to normal wear and tear (including quality parts and labor)

• Strap replacement

Your Plan Covers Repairs Of Damages To:

  • Crystal
  • Movement
  • Crown
  • Bezel
  • Clasp
  • Band
  • Stem
  • Case


If we can’t repair your watch, you have our replacement guarantee where at our option, we’ll either replace it or reimburse you for the amount you paid for your watch, including sales tax with a store gift card or cash settlement. Replacement or reimbursement fulfills the contract.

Coverage is limited to the price paid for the watch, including sales tax.

Get Expert Help

Near A REEDS Store?

Bring The Following:

• Proof of purchase

• Your care plan brochure

If you do not have these items, our experts can help by looking up your purchase.

Not Near A REEDS Store?

Have The Following:

• Proof of purchase

• Your care plan brochure

Give us a call and we can assist.

*Certain exclusions and limitations apply. See terms and conditions for complete details.

The Service Contract Provider is Federal Warranty Service Corporation in all states except in Florida where the Provider is United Service Protection, Inc., and in Oklahoma where the Provider is Assurant Service Protection, Inc.