The Perfect Gift for Every Moment and Milestone in Your Relationship

Whether you’ve been together for a month, a year, or a lifetime, there’s always going to be the perfect moment to show someone how much you care. From small tokens of love and appreciation to giant gestures and beautiful diamond rings, we’re here to help you pick out the perfect gift for every moment and milestone in your relationship.

Read on for our complete, curated guide to thoughtful, meaningful, and beautiful gifts you can give your significant other at any stage in your relationship.

What Jewelry Should I Buy for Someone I’m Dating?

What Jewelry Should I Buy for Someone I’m Dating?What Jewelry Should I Buy for Someone I’m Dating?

There’s nothing quite like the butterflies and rush of excitement you get when you’re spending time with someone new. After the first date jitters have (mostly) gone away and you’re starting to get more serious about your relationship, it might be time to think about some jewelry presents for your new girlfriend. During this phase you don’t have to think big, but think special. Tasteful jewelry gifts ideas for her, like an Alex and Ani bracelet or a pretty pair of Kendra Scott earrings, are a meaningful way to show you value your budding relationship without breaking the bank.

If you’re looking for a gift that’s a little more personal, consider a PANDORA charm bracelet. As one of the best affordable jewelry brands, PANDORA lets you create a truly unique jewelry gift with their wide array of themed charms. For example, if you find out your significant other is a Disney fanatic, or you two have recently taken a trip to a Disney theme park, a bracelet with PANDORA’s Disney charms would make the perfect, personalized jewelry gift.

Pandora Disney MickeyPandora Disney Mickey
Pandora RosePandora Rose
Pandora Disney CinderellaPandora Disney Cinderella
PANDORA Disney EeyorePANDORA Disney Eeyore

But who says girls get to have all the fun? This dating phase is the perfect time to get your boyfriend a gift, as well. From affordable watches to sterling silver money clips and cufflinks, we have a number of gifts for a new boyfriend that will make him feel special and appreciated.

FAQs: Jewelry Gifts at the Start of a Relationship

We get a lot of questions about what types of jewelry gifts are appropriate for the beginning stages of a relationship. When you start getting serious with a new girlfriend or boyfriend, it’s a perfect time to buy a little something to show them you care. But where do you start?

We’re here to help answer some of the most frequently asked questions on the topic:


  • What jewelry should I buy my girlfriend?
    • Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings make great jewelry presents for a new girlfriend. Avoid giving a ring until you’ve been dating for a while because rings are often more significant.
  • What jewelry should I buy my boyfriend?
    • Guys like to accessorize, too! For your next special occasion, give your boyfriend a new leather bracelet, money clip, or cufflinks if they fit his style.
  • How do I know what style of jewelry to get my girlfriend?
    • Think about the types of jewelry your girlfriend wears daily. A lot of women regularly wear earrings and a necklace but take mental notes about your girlfriend’s style and get her something to match.
  • What types of jewelry are best for a six-month dating anniversary?
    • After you’ve been dating for six months, show your appreciation with a pair of earrings or bracelet she can wear and think of you. Swarovski, another one of the best affordable jewelry brands, makes a wide array of stylish and romantic jewelry pieces that are sure to make your significant other swoon.
  • What should I get girlfriend for our one-year anniversary?
    • Your first anniversary is a big one! Get your girlfriend something special and meaningful, such as a locket with a picture of you two inside. She’ll always wear your gift close to her heart!
  • What’s a good one-year anniversary gift for a boyfriend?
    • If your boyfriend wears a watch, this is the perfect one-year anniversary gift. It’s useful, fashionable and will remind him of you every hour of the day.
  • What should I get my girlfriend for her birthday?
    • Birthstone jewelry makes the perfect birthday present. If you know her birthstone, you can get a set of earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet that features her birthday month’s gemstone.
  • Are earrings a good gift?
    • Yes, earrings are a perfect jewelry gift to get your girlfriend. They’re simple enough but will complement her existing jewelry. Shop our collection of earrings to find the perfect pair.

When You Know They’re “The One” But Aren’t Ready to Propose Yet

When You Know They’re “The One” But Aren’t Ready to Propose YetWhen You Know They’re “The One” But Aren’t Ready to Propose Yet

They say that once you know, you know. If you’ve decided that your boyfriend or girlfriend is the one you want to spend your life with, consider giving them a beautiful piece of relationship jewelry to pledge this commitment.

One of the most common types of commitment jewelry are promise rings. You can think of a promise ring as a pre-engagement ring. The ring symbolizes your commitment to your significant other and is effectively, a promise to spend the rest of your lives together.

A promise ring may be suitable for couples who are younger in age and may not have the resources to get married just yet. A promise ring could also be the perfect piece of relationship jewelry for couples who’ve decided they don’t want to get married but want to spend their lives together. At the end of the day, it’s your relationship and your story. Let your love for your significant other guide the meaning behind the promise ring you choose for them.

If you’re looking for more cute relationship jewelry, consider our collections of couples jewelry that represent both partners in a relationship. These pieces feature both of your birthstones in a beautiful ring design.

Promise Ring FAQs

Promise rings can be a confusing topic to navigate, especially if it’s your first time buying one! We understand and want to make sure you’re fully equipped to pick out the perfect jewelry gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend. Below, you’ll find some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about promise rings:


  • How do I give my girlfriend a ring?
    • Just as every couple’s relationship is different, every process of giving a promise ring will be different, too. If this gift is on your radar, think of a location or event that’s meaningful to your relationship. Take them to the spot where you had your first date, or first kiss, or first said “I love you.” Or, if there’s a place your partner has been wanting to visit but hasn’t yet had the chance, plan a surprise trip to that special spot. When it comes to knowing what to say, you can either write something beforehand (e.g. a poem) or just speak straight from the heart. No need to get down on one knee when presenting this ring for your girlfriend or boyfriend since it’s not an engagement.
  • How do I get my girlfriend's ring size?
    • If you want the gift to be a surprise, there are a few clever ways to determine your partner’s ring size. The best guarantee would be to swipe one of their current rings (and then return it, of course!) for measurement by a jeweler or by using our Ring and Band Sizer. To use our Ring and Band Sizer, print it out, lay it on a flat surface, and align the inside diameter of the ring with the outside of the circle closest in size. If the ring is in between sizes, choose the next half-size up.
  • How much should a promise ring cost?
    • There aren’t any rules about how much a promise ring should cost, but usually they are less expensive than engagement rings. They could range from $100 to $2,000, depending on your budget. When it comes to this type of commitment jewelry, it’s the thought that counts the most.
  • How long should you be in a relationship before you get a promise ring?
    • Every relationship is different, but you should give your partner a promise ring when you want to honor your commitment to each other. These rings for your girlfriend aren’t engagement rings, but they’re still very special.
  • What finger do you wear a promise ring on?
    • Promise rings can be worn on any finger. Some people choose to wear it on their right ring finger if they’re not married.
  • What do you say when you give your girlfriend a promise ring?
    • If you’re nervous about presenting your promise ring, prepare some thoughts and write them down. You can talk about how special your relationship is, how much you love them, and how you’re committed to your future together.
  • What does a promise ring mean from a boyfriend?
    • There are many reasons why your boyfriend would give you a promise ring, but usually it’s because he knows you’re “The One” and wants to spend his life with you. You can think of a promise ring as the precursor to an engagement ring.
  • Does PANDORA have promise rings?

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Choosing the Perfect Engagement RingChoosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

In any relationship, there’s no milestone quite like the engagement. You and your partner decide that you want to spend the rest of your lives together, taking your relationship to new, romantic heights. For such a special moment, you want to find the perfect engagement ring—we’re here to help!

When considering how to buy an engagement ring, you’re going to want to follow a few basic steps:


  • Figure out the best ring for her lifestyle. For example, if she leads an active lifestyle, a more secure style like a channel setting might be best. Or, if she’s a trend setter who likes to show off a little bit, a halo or multi-stone setting with colorful gemstones could be perfect for her. You should also ask her friends and family for recommendations (every girl shares a list of their favorite rings with their best friends!). For more tips on finding the right ring style, check out our complete guide on picking out the perfect engagement ring.
  • Get to know the 4 C’s of diamond buying (more on that below).
  • Determine your budget. You may have heard the rule of spending 2-3 months’ salary on the ring, but this is an arbitrary standard that doesn’t need to be followed. You should determine a budget that works for you first and foremost. Remember, an engagement ring is an investment piece and something that she will wear every day. Because of this, it may be worth investing more upfront for a piece that will last a lifetime, but every budget is different.

Popular Types of Engagement Rings

There are countless types of engagement rings, and our diamond concierge is always here to help you if things get a little too complicated. In the meantime, here are just a few of our most popular styles:

  • Classic Solitaire - Classic solitaire rings have one center stone, usually a round brilliant, oval, or pear cut, on a single band. The band can be plain or have diamonds around it (which is called a pavé band).
  • Channel Setting - Channel settings have rows of diamonds encased in the band. The diamonds are flush with the band and secured with thick metal, which reduces the chances of them dislodging.
  • Halo Setting - Like a solitaire ring, the halo has a center stone, but the traditional halo setting features a ring of smaller stones surrounding the center diamond.

To learn more about the different settings and styles, head over to our complete engagement ring guide.

In addition to choosing a stylish setting, you’ll need to choose a gemstone. Recently, lab grown diamonds have become a popular alternative to natural diamonds, especially in engagement rings. Lab grown diamonds are identical to natural diamonds, with the only difference being their origin of creation. Because of the difference in origin, lab grown diamond engagement rings tend to be a more affordable option. You can get a larger stone with higher clarity for less than what you’d pay for a natural diamond.

Our ECONIC collection is the perfect place to begin looking if you’ve opted for an engagement ring with a lab grown diamond. Make your engagement one to remember with one of our elegant and sparkling designs.  

Diamond Engagement RingsDiamond Engagement Rings
Lab Grown Diamond Engagement RingsLab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

The Four C’s of Diamond Buying

As we mentioned above, one of the most important steps when buying an engagement ring is understanding the four C’s of diamond buying. These criteria will help you get the most beautiful diamond for your money and understand how jewelers classify diamonds.

  • Cut - The cut is what makes diamonds sparkle; an Excellent cut can make a smaller stone appear big by how it reflects light. Cut is rated on a scale of Poor to Excellent:
    • “Excellent” cuts are the highest quality and reflect nearly all light that enters the diamond.
    • “Very Good” cuts are high-quality cut diamonds.
    • “Good” cuts are not quite as nice as the top rating diamonds, but still allow light to pass through the gemstone.
    • “Fair” cuts are a lesser cut that still allows some light to reflect.
    • “Poor” cuts are diamonds that are cut so inadequately that most light is lost through the bottom or sides of the gemstone.
  • Color - Color refers to the color (or lack thereof) in a diamond. The clearer the diamond, the more the colors of the rainbow are reflected to the eye, meaning they will appear more dazzling. As a rule, most natural diamonds have tints of yellow or brown although they appear to be icy white.
  • Clarity - Clarity means clearness of the stone. This grading defines the degree of imperfection or measures the size and number of impurities in a particular stone. “Internally Flawless” means that there are no blemishes or inclusions under 10x magnification, while “Included” means that there are visible inclusions to the naked eye.
  • Carat - Carat refers to how much a diamond weighs, or how big it is. One carat equals 1/5 of a gram or .007 of an ounce. Jewelers utilize extremely precise scales to weigh diamonds to the hundredth of a carat.

How to Keep the Ring a Secret

Once you’ve found the perfect ring and have a plan for the big proposal, you may need to find a way to keep the ring a secret until the big day. There are lots of ways to do this, from clever hidden boxes to creative proposal ideas that keep the ring hidden until the very last second. Here are some tips on keeping it a secret:

  • If you bought your ring online, make sure you don’t leave any digital breadcrumbs. Log out of email accounts, close all your tabs, and make sure your search history doesn’t sync between devices. You may even want to use a private browser to hide all traces of your online activity.
  • If you’re buying your ring in person, either use cash or use a bank account that your significant other doesn’t have visibility into. If you’re paying cash, make a series of small withdrawals instead of a big amount all at once to avoid suspicion.
  • Save your jeweler’s number in your phone as something nondescript, such as a friend’s name. This way, their calls won’t raise any suspicions.
  • Keep the ring in a safe, but hidden, spot.
  • Tell as few people as possible so the secret of your proposal doesn’t turn into one big game of telephone that could eventually get back to your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Remember, the proposal is supposed be a joyful experience. Try not to stress about the details and remember, no one knows or loves your partner like you do. And, when it comes to finding that perfect engagement ring, we’re always here to help!

Tying the Knot

Tying the Knot - Wedding with a groom dancing with his brideTying the Knot - Wedding with a groom dancing with his bride

Once your significant other says “yes” and gushes about how much they love the perfect engagement ring you picked out, it’s time to think about wedding rings. The difference between wedding rings and engagement rings are that engagement rings are worn throughout the engagement, either by just the bride-to-be or by both parties, and wedding rings are exchanged during the actual wedding ceremony.

There are no definite rules about how to pick out the perfect wedding ring, but here are some general pointers:


  • Your engagement ring and wedding ring don’t have to match, and each set is as unique as the person wearing them. Some people might choose a matching bridal set, while some people might prefer a more unconventional, mismatched look.
  • Most people choose wedding rings and engagement rings in the same metal. For example, if you have a white gold engagement ring, look for a white gold wedding ring.
  • Your wedding band shouldn’t overpower your engagement ring. Choose one with smaller gemstones or diamonds to complement the main stone in your engagement ring.
  • Unlike shopping for an engagement ring where most people want to make it a complete surprise, it’s common for couples to shop for wedding bands together.
  • Don’t feel pressured to pick out a wedding ring that matches your partner’s. You both should choose rings that complement your unique style.
  • Make sure to buy your wedding band far enough in advance of the wedding to account for any sizing changes or customizations. Most people get their wedding bands about four months before the wedding.

On the Morning of Your Wedding

The big day is finally here! You’ve found the perfect partner, showed your commitment with the perfect ring, and now it’s time to say, “I do.” Before the festivities begin, it’s fairly common for couples to exchange gifts with each other the morning of their wedding.

Depending on your style, this gift could be big or small, but no matter what, it should be something that’s meaningful to your relationship and the monumental day ahead. Here are some ideas for that wedding morning gift:


  • Get your bride a gorgeous wedding day accessory, such as a beautiful pair of diamond earrings or a pendant necklace, that complements her wedding dress.
  • Get your bride something to fit the long-time classics: something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue. For example, you could gift a set of blue sapphire drop earrings or a piece of heirloom jewelry that’s been passed down for generations.
  • Get your groom cufflinks to match his wedding day suit. Cufflinks are the perfect accessory because not only are they useful, but they can help dress up an outfit.
  • Get your groom a new watch to celebrate this exciting time in your lives. You could have it engraved with a special note or the date of the wedding.

Anniversary Milestones: Unique Jewelry Gifts

Anniversary Milestones: Unique Jewelry Gifts - husband and wife celebrating anniversaryAnniversary Milestones: Unique Jewelry Gifts - husband and wife celebrating anniversary

Throughout your relationship, there will be a countless times you can give a great gift and celebrate each other. Anniversaries, especially major ones, are the perfect time to give unique and thoughtful gifts. Anniversary gift jewelry makes a great gift because as your partner grows their jewelry collection, they’ll think of you every time they put their favorite pieces on.

There are a few key anniversary milestones that have some traditional gifts. Here are a few that you can use to get creative and celebrate!


1 Year - The first-year anniversary gift is paper. Give your loved one a beautiful planner, a fine writing pen, wallet (to store that paper money!), or 1-year anniversary jewelry wrapped in beautiful paper packaging.

5 Years - The gift for 5 years is wood. There are countless things you can do to celebrate this traditional milestone, such as planting a tree in your backyard and watching it grow, gifting a beautiful piece of wood-accented jewelry, or splurging on a tasteful home decor item such as a new wooden dining room table.

10 Years - The 10-year gift is tin or aluminum. This is the perfect year to give an anniversary watch for him, even if it’s made out of stainless steel or white gold. You could gift it in a cute tin box to stay traditional.

20 Years - The gift for the 20th anniversary is china. While you can gift the traditional fancy china set, you could also create your own china together at a local pottery class or paint a mug with their favorite quote.

30 Years - This year’s traditional gift is pearl. You could give your significant other a beautiful pearl necklace, pearl earrings, or anything with mother-of-pearl accents.

40 Years - 40 is the year of the ruby, and there couldn’t be a more fitting stone for such an important milestone. Rubies are beautiful and symbolize strength, which echoes the strength of your marriage. You can’t go wrong with a classic anniversary bracelet for her that’s adorned with breathtaking rubies.

Kallati Ruby and Diamond Hoop Earrings 1/4ctwKallati Ruby and Diamond Hoop Earrings 1/4ctw

Kallati Ruby and Diamond Hoop Earrings 1/4ctw

Created Ruby and Created White Sapphire Flower RingCreated Ruby and Created White Sapphire Flower Ring

Created Ruby and Created White Sapphire Flower Ring

Kallati Ruby and Diamond Bar Necklace 1/15ctwKallati Ruby and Diamond Bar Necklace 1/15ctw

Kallati Ruby and Diamond Bar Necklace 1/15ctw

50 Years - 50 is the year to go for gold! This is an amazing milestone to accomplish as a couple and there’s no better gift than classic gold. From bracelets and necklaces to watches and rings, the options are endless for this monumental milestone.

60 Years - Lastly, the gift for your 60th wedding anniversary is diamonds and just like a diamond, your relationship is beautiful, strong, and resilient. A classic anniversary necklace for her with a diamond pendant is the perfect accent to a commendable milestone. For him, consider a fine watch with diamond accents as a reminder of the incredible amount of time you two have been together.  

When a Baby's on the Way

When a Baby's on the Way - Mom and Dad with the babyWhen a Baby's on the Way - Mom and Dad with the baby

Having a baby is an exciting milestone, and it deserves to be celebrated! From traditional jewelry for new moms to gifts that are more outside the box, there are so many ways to ring in the new addition to your family.

One of the most common gifts when you’re expecting is a push present. A push present celebrates the arrival of a new baby and honors the mother for carrying and birthing the child. The gift can be anything, from a new car to a vacation, but push present jewelry continues to top the list of gifts for new moms.

You could also get your partner some adorable mother- or baby-themed jewelry. We carry jewelry for expecting mothers, including charms that represent the connection between mothers and their children, or pieces that include entire family trees. This jewelry for expecting mothers will serve as a meaningful homage to growing your family together.

“Just Because” Jewelry Gift Ideas

Lastly, you can always get your significant other a gift just because you love them. You don’t need a special occasion to show someone you care, which is why we also want to share some “just because” gifts for him and her. 

People often ask, what are some good “just because I love you” gifts? The best gifts that say “I love you” are gifts that are thoughtful and meaningful. For example, you could get a personalized necklace with a quote that you both love, or a customized charm bracelet that commemorates a trip you both took together. From handwritten notes to “just because” jewelry gifts for her, the important thing is that you show them how much you care.

One of the most classic ways to say “I love you” with a gift is to go for some heart-shaped jewelry. At REEDS, we have a wide collection of pieces like this with everything from heart-shaped earrings to necklaces with beautiful heart-shaped pendants. Plus, diamonds aren’t the only gem to choose from. For a moment like this, look for rosy red rubies, pretty pink amethysts, or stunning blue sapphires. Gemstone jewelry makes the perfect statement when you want that special someone to know you care.

Heart shaped image Gifts under $150Heart shaped image Gifts under $150
Relationship Gifts Under 250Relationship Gifts Under 250

Every relationship has their special moments, from inside jokes to trips together to fun memories while dating. If you’re shopping for just because gifts for your wife, husband, partner, or friend, let your fondest memories guide you on your journey. Your significant other will be thrilled with whatever you decide to surprise them with. 

Throughout the course of any relationship, there are so many moments to celebrate with the perfect gift. From saying “I love you” for the first time to popping the big question to celebrating major milestones together, jewelry always makes the perfect gift.