Once you’ve picked out your wedding dress, it’s time to accessorize! Picking out the perfect bridal jewelry is an exciting part of wedding prep, but with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Cuff or tennis bracelet? Studs or drop earrings? Pendant necklace or pearls?


When you’re considering jewelry for your big day, keep in mind the cut of your dress, the way you want to style your hair, and the overall theme and colors of your wedding. Are you going for a simple and elegant look or a more dramatic entrance under the spotlight?


While there are no set rules when it comes to what you should and shouldn’t wear on your wedding day, we do have some tips and tricks that can help you narrow down your bridal jewelry selection.


Ready to accessorize? Check out these 10 amazing bridal jewelry ideas to complete your wedding look.

Bridal Jewelry and accessoriesBridal Jewelry and accessories

If you thought choker necklaces were only a style that was popular with teenagers in the 1990s, think again! Wearing a choker or collar necklace on your wedding day can actually be a wise fashion-forward choice. These bridal accessories look amazing with wedding dresses that have sweetheart or strapless necklines. Without any dress material around your neck, a choker necklace really shines.


Find a barely-there necklace or go for one with some bling. For a subtle and elegant look, a pearl choker makes the perfect bridal accessory. If your necklace will be a statement piece, you might opt for a diamond-encrusted choker instead. You can also bring out the theme of your wedding with a carefully chosen choker or collar necklace. For example, if you’re going for a vintage look, a collar necklace featuring a colorful gemstone will add to your retro vibe.

Another bridal jewelry favorite is the pendant necklace. This style of bridal necklace goes best with wedding dresses that have V-neck or plunging necklines. The long chain mimics the shape of the neckline on the wedding dress, bringing attention to all of your gown’s intricate details.


You’ll find a wide variety of pendant wedding necklaces that are suitable for your big day. Put your love on display with a heart pendant necklace, or add some color to your wedding ensemble with a gorgeous gemstone pendant. If you’re going a more traditional route, a religious style pendant could be the wedding necklace to complement your ceremony. Some brides prefer a single pearl or diamond as the pendant, which adds a sense of simplicity without distracting from the bride or the wedding dress.

If you’re not looking to draw a lot of attention to your ears, then studs are the perfect wedding earring. They’re a great option for when you’d prefer the focus to go to your hairstyle, such as big romantic curls or a fancy half updo. With a pair of lab grown diamond stud earrings, you’ll rock a subtle flash of glitter.


Perhaps the best part of all is that when you opt for subtler earrings, you can be a little more flashy with your other wedding jewelry. Add on an elegant necklace or set of bracelets to further enhance your ear-studded look!

No one ever said you had to be simple or subtle on your wedding day. You’re the star of the show and you deserve to have all eyes on you! To help you achieve your show-stopping bridal style, add a pair of drop earrings to your look. These dangling numbers look extra chic with your hair pulled back, so you can show off a little sparkle or color. You’ll find big, statement pieces with bright gemstones, bordered by diamonds, along with more dainty sets that still add a splash of flair. There are drop earrings that exude vintage luxury, modern elegance, and timeless, romance—there’s a style for every bride!

Plan on wearing an updo? Don’t let your ears go bare! Adding a pair of hoops to your wedding accessory ensemble can frame your face and add some sparkle to your completed look. There are all kinds of dazzling hoop earrings to suit your wedding day style. Whether you’re looking for a dazzling diamond pair to spice up your look or a pair of delicate rose gold hoops to add some romance, hoops are an excellent wedding jewelry choice. In the bridal earrings selection, lab grown diamond inside out hoops are a favorite among brides. 

Looking to follow the tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue? Find something blue—and new—with a piece of blue-tinted wedding jewelry. The something blue earrings collection serves up all sorts of magic with blue topaz, aquamarine, blue opal, and sapphire gemstone earrings. You’ll find styles spanning vintage-inspired dangling drop earrings to classic solitaire studs, and gemstones in hues ranging from the lightest sky blues to deep and opulent navies. Something blue earrings add a tasteful burst of color to your attire without distracting from the overall theme of your wedding.

Among all the fuss over your wedding dress, hairstyle, and makeup, don’t forget about your wrists. Bracelets are some of the finest pieces of bridal jewelry you can pick out, and can add a little extra pizzazz on your special day.


If you want to add some sparkle without stealing the show, a tennis bracelet is the perfect option. Wear one with a sleeveless or three-quarter sleeve and you can still wear some flashy earrings or rock a statement necklace without overdoing it. Choose a delicate tennis wedding bracelet with timeless iridescent diamonds or pick one with a pop of color for a subtle, yet ultra-charming look. Some brides choose to match the tennis bracelet style with the look and feel of their engagement ring.

For a statement piece of bridal jewelry that goes along with your wedding theme, choose a cuff bracelet. These wedding bracelets are great for adding some character to short-sleeved or sleeveless wedding dresses. In fact, the simpler the dress the more eye-catching a cuff or bangle will look! Pick a thin, lightweight bangle to add a touch of elegant glimmer to your arm. Or, go for a more elaborate cuff to really make a statement. Because you don’t want to compete with your sparkly engagement ring and brand-new wedding band, consider wearing the cuff bracelet on your right wrist.

Another lovely bridal jewelry idea is the charm bracelet. These invite you to add a personal touch to your look, whether you wear something simple with one memorable charm or go bold with multiple charms that speak to your wedding theme or favorite memories. Since charm bracelets can draw attention away from other parts of the wedding ensemble, oftentimes brides choose this kind of accessory to go with a long-sleeved wedding dress. The charms peeking out from under the sleeve add a little mysterious and playful touch to the completed look.

Your engagement ring isn’t the only star of the show. When you’re on the hunt for wedding jewelry to enhance your style, remember to look into all the amazing wedding rings. You’ll want your wedding band to compliment your engagement ring, so it’s often best to go with the same kind of metal. If you’re looking to add gemstones or diamonds, many brides choose to match those to their engagement rings, too. You can even find stackable bridal sets that fit perfectly with your engagement ring, so they look and feel like one enchanting piece of wedding jewelry instead of two separate rings.


Wear one daring piece of bridal jewelry or combine several subtler pieces. Follow these guidelines or go rogue—it’s your day after all! The only rule worth following is to wear what makes you feel excited, happy, and confident to walk down the aisle and marry the love of your life.