Wedding Ring Guide

As the symbol of your love and commitment, your wedding band will be something that you wear for the rest of your life. At REEDS Jewelers, we have such a wide variety of for both men and women that you can easily find a wedding ring to complement her engagement ring or a band that will fit his style. How do you choose the right wedding ring for your love story? Let our wedding ring buying guide help you make the right selection.

Wedding Bands

Some engagement rings and bands are designed to fit together, as a matching set . Even if the wedding band you chose wasn't made to be a match for the engagement ring you purchased, it can still be just as lovely and fit just as well! When selecting a wedding band, many people like to match the metal type of the engagement ring to the wedding band for a unified look. Many women like the symmetry of two matching rings, with diamonds of the same size and shape, or just the same type of metal. For a more modern look, you can select a different metal type for your band; for example, mixing yellow gold and white gold pieces. This gives your set a two-tone look that is very unique. You can also add some sparkle and a splash of color to your wedding set by selecting a band that features gemstones instead of just diamonds. You can select a gemstone based on your or your fiancés birthstone or just your favorite color! The possibilities and combinations are endless.

Diamond Bands

Stunning when worn with an engagement ring or by itself, diamond wedding bands are the perfect representation of the beautiful love that you share. Eternity bands feature diamonds that wrap completely around the finger, so they will shine and sparkle from every angle. Another option is to select a diamond wedding ring that only has diamonds that go halfway down the band. This allows the band to be re-sized in the future if needed. Eternity bands, while lovely, can be difficult to alter if your finger size changes over time.

Men's Bands

Many men prefer the classic wedding ring style of a precious metal band that is similar in style to his brides. Some prefer plain metal bands, while others like diamond accents. It is very popular for the couple's rings to be similar, so that they look good together and appear unified, like your marriage. Things to consider include metal choice, stone selection, width, and whether or not to engrave. When choosing a band, it is important to make sure it will be appropriate for their lifestyle. Those who have more hands-on jobs or hobbies will want to select a metal that will withstand a little bit of roughness. Platinum, tungsten, or titanium are all great choices. Lower karat gold rings can also endure some harsh treatment, while higher karat gold rings are more luxurious. Keeping his style in mind will make it very easy to select the perfect wedding ring for him.

Finding the right wedding band or ring is the first step in your journey together. With this helpful wedding ring buying guide, you can make sure you find the perfect choice for both of your preferences.