You’ve picked out the perfect ring using the four C’s of diamonds, you have a plan for proposing, and you’re researching engagement ring box ideas to keep the big day a surprise. Now, let’s talk logistics!


Keeping the perfect proposal a secret is one of the most magical parts of the big day. Not only will she be stunned by the ring, but she’ll also appreciate how much effort you put into keeping everything under wraps!


Let’s look at clever engagement ring box ideas, proposal tips, and ideas on how to keep the proposal a surprise.

Keep the Diamond Bridal Ring a secretKeep the Diamond Bridal Ring a secret

When you buy an engagement ring, it will likely come in a beautiful box that would be more than perfect for the big moment. The downside? Traditional ring boxes have a very distinct look, so it might be hard to hide from your partner even if you find a great spot to stash it!


Instead, these clever engagement ring box ideas will help keep your secret (and can be a sweet souvenir for you to keep after the proposal):


  • In their favorite novel - While not actually an engagement ring box, this clever engagement ring idea will keep it a secret and will highlight their favorite book. Make your own by cutting out some pages in their favorite book, hiding the ring inside, and incorporating the book into your proposal.
  • In a shell - This idea is perfect if you’re planning a beach proposal (as long as you remember which shell has the ring!). Create a personalized shell with her initials or a secret note to remember the moment forever.
  • In a ball - Does your partner love sports? If so, a hidden engagement ring box inside a softball, football, or baseball is the perfect surprise! You can either buy an engagement ring box made out of a ball or make your own by taking out the inside and lining it with velvet. This creative engagement ring box idea is meaningful and sneaky.
  • In a beautiful wood piece - Wondering where to keep the engagement ring before proposing? You can easily hide it in plain sight with a piece of wood carved into a secret engagement box. Whether you use a piece of bark, a polished box, or another creative idea, a beautiful wood piece can act as a great concealable ring box and can serve as a meaningful memory of the big day.
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Now that you have some ideas for where to keep the engagement ring before proposing, let’s share some more ways you can present the ring in a secretive way:


  • Hide it in a fortune cookie. The great thing about fortune cookies is that you have to crack it open before you eat it, so you don't risk your future spouse swallowing the ring! This video shows you how to sneak a ring into a fortune cookie.
  • Hide it in a picture frame. Hide the engagement ring behind a picture of the two of you. Give them the picture as a romantic gesture and as they look at it, they might notice something is a little off. Have them discover the ring themselves!
  • Hide it in a bouquet of flowers. What’s more romantic than a beautiful bouquet of flowers? A bouquet with an engagement ring inside! Using one of the engagement ring boxes from above, secretly tuck it into a bouquet to really surprise your loved one.
  • Hide it in something nondescript. It is possible to hide an engagement ring in plain sight. Things like cases for glasses, a wallet, a briefcase, or a camera bag look normal, so your S.O. will never guess what’s inside. Then, you can sneakily bring the item out during the proposal to really surprise them!
Keep your ring a secret to propose at a wonderful locationKeep your ring a secret to propose at a wonderful location

Now that you have some clever engagement ring box ideas and ways to keep the ring a surprise, let’s share more logistical tips that you might not have thought about. We’re here to help your proposal go as smoothly as possible!


  • If you’re buying an engagement ring online, make sure to sign your significant other (S.O.) out of your shared device. You may even want to shop for the ring in a private browser window. That way, you (and possibly your partner) won’t get retargeted with engagement ring ads. That might look a little suspicious.
  • If you’re buying an engagement ring in person, make sure to use a bank account that your partner doesn’t have any visibility into. You could even pay cash if you want to be extra sneaky. Make a series of small withdrawals (instead of one lump sum) to avoid suspicion.
  • Save the jeweler’s number in your phone as something inconspicuous. That way, if they call about the ring, your S.O. will just think that your old buddy from college is giving you a call.
  • Keep the ring in a safe place that your future fiancé won’t find it. This could be in a safe, in a random drawer in the guest room, or in a pile of dirty clothes (you know they’re not going to want to go anywhere near that!).
  • If you have some pre-proposal jitters, find a way to get them out that’s not obvious to your partner. Go for a long run, get a massage, or practice some meditation to shake the nerves.
  • Tell as few people as possible! Unless the person you’re telling is part of the actual proposal (like a friend who is going to bring your S.O. to a location), keep your lips sealed. The fewer people you tell, the better your chances are of keeping the whole thing a secret.


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 Keeping the engagement ring and proposal a secret is no easy feat, but it will be worth it when you see the look on their face when you pull off an epic surprise. From creative and sneaky engagement ring box ideas to tips on keeping everything a secret, we’re here to help you find the perfect ring and plan the perfect proposal.


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