A Mother's Spirit Touches Everything

Roberta Z at REEDS JewelersRoberta Z at REEDS Jewelers

The REEDS Business grew right along with the founding family—Roberta and her husband Bill welcomed four children after opening their first jewelry store in 1946. As the matriarch, Roberta's kindness, philanthropy, and sense of family values was infused in everything—commitments that still carry through REEDS today.

Classic Details Meet Modern Touches

Celebrating Women Everywhere

Roberta Z at REEDSRoberta Z at REEDS

Classic, sophisticated style. A passionate approach to life. A drive for self-expression through art, style, and action. The Roberta Z Collection is a reflection of our founder, Roberta Zimmer—and also mirrors the qualities that we admire in the women around us. Each piece is effortless to wear and crafted with stunning diamonds and white gold.



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