No Conflict Diamonds

What are conflict diamonds?

"Conflict Diamonds" are diamonds that are used to fund wars, terrorism, and civil unrest in various places around the world.

What are governments doing about conflict diamonds?

More than 60 countries, including the United States, have adopted the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme to control the export and import of rough diamonds mined from January 1, 2003 onward. The Kimberley Process requires that each shipment of rough diamonds be in a tamper-resistant container and accompanied by a government-validated certificate. Each certificated is uniquely numbered and contains data describing the shipment's contents.

The U.S. Customs Service is responsible for enforcement at American ports and has pledged to reject shipments of rough diamonds from any nation that fails to subscribe to the new standards or shipments lacking proper certification.

REEDS Jewelers quality assurance to our customers...

REEDS Jewelers welcomes the introduction of a global system to combat the illicit traffic in Conflict Diamonds, and our policy is to fully support the diamond industry's self-regulation program.

Our Company has sent a notification of Kimberley Process compliance to all of our diamond vendors stating that we have embraced the industry's self-regulation program and require them to do the same. The letter states that for any product mined from January 1, 2003 onward, we require our vendors to provide a warranty in the form agreed to at a recent session of the World Diamond Congress. Vendors were required to respond to this notification informing us of their active support in this industry initiative.

REEDS Jewelers will reject any diamond shipment that does not provide the proper warranty.

These measures have been taken to ensure that our customers can feel comfortable knowing that all diamonds purchased from REEDS Jewelers are conflict free.