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REEDS Jewelers is honored to introduce a diamond with the highest social and environmental standards in the world. For the first time in our over 70 year history, we have attached our personal signature, our promise, that each diamond is proudly and entirely made in North America.

Canada began producing diamonds in 1999. While not historically known as a diamond producer, today Canada produces over 20% of the world’s diamonds by value. REEDS Signature diamonds include documentation which specifies the exact Canadian Mine of Origin. Each diamond remains in Canada to be cut and polished by the world’s finest artisans. Only then is this precious gem sent to the Gemological Institute of America for an independent grading report that specifies the 4 C’s of quality.

Canada’s diamond mines are new and uphold the highest environmental and social responsibility standards in the world today. We are proud to offer diamonds of exceptional pedigree.


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REEDS Jewelers believes you have the right to know where your diamond came from. With Canadian diamond mining the opportunity arose to fully disclose each diamond's lineage. REEDS embraced the opportunity with our Signature Diamond. This collection of unmounted diamonds and exquisite diamond jewelry has the most complete disclosure of any diamond available in the world today.

REEDS Jewelers

The jewelry containing these rare and beautiful diamonds represents the best of American design and craftsmanship. We chose to utilize renewed gold that is created in the USA and certified as 100% recycled gold content. This precious metal is then meticulously formed into fine jewelry by America’s greatest craftsmen and women. Each REEDS Signature diamond is available at a great value, the hallmark of REEDS Jewelers since 1946.

Every REEDS Signature diamond is evaluated by the Gemological Institute of America, the largest and most respected nonprofit source of Gemological Knowledge in the world. Quite simply, no other grading report available today inspires the confidence and trust we offer by having GIA reports on all of our REEDS Signature diamonds.

REEDS Jewelers

Every REEDS Signature Diamond receives a Country of Origin report that details the actual mine where your diamond was born.

REEDS Jewelers

Close up of diamond girdle inscription.

REEDS Jewelers

All REEDS Signature rings feature a hidden diamond and engraving.