Watch Basics

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Analog and Digital Watches

An analog watch is the traditional type of watch with hour and minute hands and numbers or markers that show the twelve hour day. It is considered to be a formal watch and is perfect for work wear, dates and any kind of formal occasion. Digital watches, on the other hand, have a LCD or LED face that displays the time in numerals and are generally more casual compared to the formal analog watches. Digital watches run using a special watch battery.

Sports Watches

Sports watches are designed to be very durable due to their tendency to be exposed to harsher environments. They are usually made of high quality plastic and are generally water resistant to a high degree. Due to the plastic being such high quality, many of these watches are scratch resistant as well. Sports watches also tend to have many additional features like altimeters and compasses. High water resistant watches are perfect for swimmers and scuba divers.

Quartz Watches

Most watches you see today are of this variety and are powered by a battery. The easiest way to tell if a watch is quartz is in the second hand Quartz watches are a type of analog watch and are powered by a vibrating, electrified quartz crystal.

Mechanical Watches

The most popular type of mechanical watch are automatics. Watches which are automatic have a fully mechanical movement that consists of hundreds of gears and springs. The word "automatic" here means that a metal rotor rotates around the movement, winding the watch. The rotor will move when the watch is in motion. Meaning, the watch will run off of the various motions or your wrist, as you go about your day. The easiest way to check for a mechanical movement is again in the second hand, which should move at least a few times a second. "Automatic" is also called "self-winding". Hand-wound watches are rarer, but exist too.