Engagement Ring Guide

Deciding to propose to someone is an exciting and momentous occasion. Finding the perfect engagement ring for your special someone can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! When figuring out how to buy an engagement ring, there are a few things to consider when purchasing the ring of her dreams.

Setting a Budget

When selecting an engagement ring, a great place to start is with your budget. Deciding on a budget early helps ensure that the ring you select is affordable. It also allows you to immediately begin searching for the perfect engagement ring within your desired price range. There are no set rules or guidelines when it comes to the amount you should spend on an engagement ring. The most important aspect to keep in mind is that you are comfortable with the amount you are willing to spend.

Choosing a Metal

The type of metal you select for the engagement ring is also very important. Does your significant other favor yellow tone jewelry over silver? Taking note of her jewelry selections can be a great way to find out her style! There are many different metals to choose from, so it's important to pick one that will match with your intended's needs. For example, platinum is a dense and durable metal that maintains its color for a lifetime. Yellow gold looks lovely on many skin tones and can help diamonds look brighter in color. White gold is very popular and its bright white finish beautifully complements the whiteness of a center diamond extremely well. To learn more about metal types, please visit our Precious Metal Glossary.

Stunning Shapes

When selecting the center diamond or gemstone, it is best to think about your future fiancéees style. Does she prefer more classic designs or does she favor bolder patterns? Would she prefer a solitaire or an engagement ring with multiple gemstones? This can help you decide whether she would prefer a gorgeous diamond or a stunning gemstone. The shape of the center diamond can also be a deciding factor. Round and princess cut are most traditional, while oval and pear are more modern choices. If you are interested in a diamond, finding the perfect one can be easy with our 4C's of Diamond Buying.