A single necklace can transform an outfit from average to amazing. A little black dress is cute by itself, but a diamond necklace can make it a statement. But it isn’t just an accessory for women. A men’s necklace, when done correctly, can act like a tie — upgrading an outfit from casual to classic. A necklace can also act as a signature accessory. Something you wear every day, no matter the scenario. It can comfort you in hard times, or symbolize luck and sentimental value just by being with you through every day.

What we’re trying to say is, everyone deserves a beautiful, expertly-crafted, shining necklace to add to their collection. And REEDS Jewelers provides only the best necklaces available. Our collection is chosen by trained experts who are looking for timeless design, unmatched style, and a quality that will last your whole life.

Choosing the Right Metal for Your Necklace

Our expert jewelers work to find only the best pieces from top designers around the world. But even our most exquisite diamond necklace won’t be the right choice for everyone. Your personal style, the colors you tend to wear, and the daily activities you enjoy will all determine the kind of necklace that will fit you best. For example, if you wear a number of blue suits, you’ll want silver or platinum necklaces. If you tend to prefer warm red blouses, try a gold necklace. If you simply don’t know, we can help! We’ll be happy to answer any questions online, over the phone, or at one of our locations.

Adding Gemstones to Your Necklace

Necklaces offer a versatility that you won’t find with other pieces. They can be simple chains, or you can add pendants or a single gemstone. No matter what your personal style is, there’s a way to make a beautifully designed necklace to complement it. Whether you’re looking for a diamond necklace or one that features a sentimental gemstone, REEDS Jewelers will help you find the perfect, high-quality necklace. We can even help you pick the perfect cut to really make your necklace shine!

The Perfect Accessory Set

A necklace also makes the perfect centerpiece to build a collection around. It’s one of the reasons we think they’re the perfect gift! Once you’ve picked a signature necklace, you can slowly add complementary rings, watches, and bracelets. It’s the foundation you can build on for years to come — which is why we love walking our customers through their options for creating the perfect accessory set. Let us know what pieces you’ve got your eye on for the future, and we can help you match it to the necklace you choose.

If you’ve already picked your perfect necklace and you’re ready to see what other jewelry might complement it well, start browsing! If you get stuck and wonder what the right piece for you is, just let us know! We’re here to help you get exactly what you’re looking for whether you’re online or in our stores.