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Save up to $160 on PANDORA. Learn more.

Wedding Bands

When you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you feel like shouting it to the whole world. The excitement, joy, and pure love are all too much to contain sometimes! You want everyone to know that your future has started now and with your favorite person in the world. That’s why wedding rings were created. At least, that’s the story we like to believe.

Wedding rings are a way to proudly wear the love and commitment you have in your life. They’re a way to show off your spouse even when they aren’t in the room — to tell the world how much you adore them. And they’re part of a rich tradition that should be celebrated every day. To put it simply, the joy of wedding rings is one of the best reasons to get into the jewelry business!

We’ve carefully curated our collection of wedding bands, with stunning choices for both men and women. Then, we put them through a two-part inspection to make sure they will stand the test of time. First, we inspect the quality at the manufacturer and then our expert jewelers conduct their own inspection before we show any piece to our customers. We’re confident that no matter what your personal style is or the design you imagined as a couple, we have a ring you’ll love.

Brides will find our collection of wedding rings beautiful, elegant, and made from the most exquisite precious metals. We don’t compromise a bit of quality even in our most simple rings. The most important thing to us is that our wedding rings match exactly what your bride dreamed up.

Grooms have their choice of impeccable, masculine wedding bands. While we value grace and tradition, we don’t believe men’s wedding bands should be a bunch of boring options! At REEDS, you’ll find rings of all kinds that will show off more of your personal style.

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