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Jewelry Cleaning and Storage

Most people spend a lot of time and money cultivating their jewelry collection. It is important to care for it properly with jewelry cleaning tools. Improperly cleaned or neglected jewelry will naturally be less radiant. With jewelry cleaning products, keep your collection looking beautiful all the time.

We offer several options for cleaning needs to help keep your jewelry as beautiful as the day you bought it. Choose from polishing cloths that allow you to touch up delicate jewelry without the use of harsh chemicals or water. These towels will gently remove oils and dirt from jewelry to leave it looking radiant. We also have polishing towels that are two sided to help remove dirt on one side while the other side is a polishing surface to help buffer the luster back into the metal.

Aside from keeping it clean, storage is the most important aspect of prolonging the life of your favorite pieces. Protecting them from being dropped or scratched can be accomplished with a jeweler case. We offer a diverse selection of options for jewelry storage. Choose from a variety of styles for cases including options made for traveling needs. From small zippered cases that allow you to bring only the essentials on a vacation to multi-tray units with removable trays for added organizational power, our solutions for jewelry storage cover a range of jewelry needs. Most options are lined with suede-like fabric, as well as ample padding, to provide a soft, safe place for jewelry to reside when not being worn. Choose from options with zippers, latches, and even locking options. From small bags in a metallic finish to a larger option with a glass top to allow for added visibility of your collection, find it all right here!

Whether looking for storage or cleaning solutions, we have everything you need to keep your collection safe and beautiful. At REEDS Jewelers, we are committed to providing our valued customers with the best in fine jewelry needs.

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