Amethyst, Ametrine, and Diamond Fashion Ring

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Amethyst, Ametrine, and Diamond Fashion Ring
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This lovely amethyst, ametrine, and diamond fashion ring will add a brilliant pop of color to your style. Crafted in sterling silver with rose rhodium plating, this ring features at its center a large, emerald-cut ametrine accented on either side by a row of small diamonds and a trillion-cut amethyst. The corners are faceted on the ametrine, making it an octagon style emerald-cut. The ring measures 10.5mm wide, the ametrine measures 10x8mm, and the purple amethysts measure 3x3mm.
Ring Information
  • Ring Width: 10.5 mm
Metal Information
  • Metal: Rose Gold ToneRose Gold Tone: A base metal coated with rose gold color with no real gold content. Rose gold tone items have no karat weight.
  • Metal: 925 Sterling Silver.925 Sterling Silver: Also known as "Sterling Silver", .925 describes the purity of the silver. .925 is composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of a second metal, generally copper, created to strengthen pure silver.
Diamond Information
  • Diamond Color: I - or betterColor: An industry measurement of color or tinting within a diamond or gemstone. See our Education section regarding the "4 C's" for detailed information.
  • Diamond Clarity: I3 - or betterClarity: An industry term describing the number and density of inclusions and blemishes within a diamond or gemstone. See our Education section regarding the 4 C's for detailed information.
Stone Information
  • Stone Type: Genuine AmetrineAmetrine: A variety of quartz where yellow or orange citrine and purple amethyst occur together the same crystal. Ametrine is mainly mined in Bolivia and is fairly durable with a hardiness of 7 on the Mohs Scale. Legend says Ametrine can enhance mental and physical wellness, as well as intuition and creativity.
  • Stone Color: Purple
  • Stone Shape: EmeraldEmerald Cut: A type of Gemstone Cut with a square, rectangular or octagonal shape and step cut facets that create a sort of mirror effect. This type of cut is often used with high quality emeralds and long diamonds because the cut may amplify the appearance of scratches or inclusions in poorer quality stones.
  • Stone Size: 10x8 mm
  • Quantity: 1
  • Stone Type: Genuine AmethystAmethyst: A quartz gemstone that ranges in color from clear purple to bluish violet. Amethyst is February's birthstone and is said to bring the wearer luck, constancy and protect against magic. Amethyst rates 7 on the Mohs hardness scale making it an excellent gemstone for everyday wear in men's and women's jewelry.
  • Stone Color: Purple
  • Stone Shape: TrillionTrillion: A gemstone cut in the shape of a triangle.
  • Stone Size: 3 mm
  • Quantity: 2
  • Stone Type: Genuine DiamondDiamond: This popular and sought-after gemstone is composed of carbon. Diamonds can be found in a variety of colors, from colorless to yellow, brown, and even black. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on earth and rate a 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Diamond is also known as April's birthstone.
  • Stone Shape: RoundRound: A gemstone or material cut or formed into a rounded shape.
  • Quantity: 8
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