Custom Family Jewelry

Giving a gift means more than just finding a nice item for someone you love. Giving a gift means finding that something special that you know he or she is going to treasure for years to come. In our custom family jewelry collection, it is easy to find products that will become meaningful family heirlooms. Whether you are shopping for a mom-to-be, a current mother, or a grandmother, you are sure to find something that she will treasure and love for years to come.

Our collection of custom family jewelry includes rings and pendants and can be personalized by adding either the birthstone of the child or of the loving woman you are giving it to. For a new mom-to-be, check out our Posh Mommy® pendants, which you can get engraved with the child’s name. It will mean the world to the new mom, and will be a gift she will treasure for her whole life through. Or, select one of our stackable birthstone rings, and with each addition to the family, you can select a customized option to continue giving to the mom. It’s the thought that counts with a gift, and by customizing and purchasing something that allows a little piece of the child to be with the mother at all times, you are giving a gift that means the world to her.

In our custom family jewelry, we have many styles that complement each other, so you can purchase a ring at first, and then follow up with a pendant that matches. With a birthstone that is meaningful to the family member, whether it be hers or a child’s, you are sure to give her more than just a piece of jewelry.

Here at REEDS, we are proud to have been your family jeweler for decades. In that time, we may have grown and changed, but our values have not. Every customer is treated like family, and that is shown with our REEDS Promise, which is our return and exchange policy. If you have any questions about any of our products, please feel free to contact our customer service representatives.

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